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Music Technology MeetUp – The Business of Podcasting-UPDATED

UPDATE: WIN at Our Next MeetUp! Hey Music Tech Enthusiasts we have a special announcement. RSVP and attend our next MeetUp (July 26) for your chance to win a free, 30 minute consultation on publicity for your company or band from the PR geniuses at rock paper scissors. Valued at $200 a piece, they are happy [&hellip.. Let`s see

Linkin Park Has Created a Chester Bennington Tribute Website

Linkin Park has set up a new website where fans can upload messages, photos and videos in memory of Chester Bennington. https://t.co/HEEHjTKUHW — LINKIN PARK (@linkinpark) July 22, 2017 The text at the beginning of the page reads In case you or someone you know needs support, here are some resources: Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK [&hellip.. Let`s see

Is the Vinyl Boom Over? (I Don’t Think So, But…)

We won’t have weekly music sales figures for Canada until tomorrow, but they’ll likely indicate that sales of new vinyl will continue to be about 5% lower than they were at this time last year. The decline, although small, does indicate the first contraction of the vinyl market since this resurrection began about nine years [&hellip.. Let`s see

Random Music News for Monday, July 24, 2017

Is it just me or is the amount of paper on toilet paper rolls shrinking? Just askin’. Why you ponder that, here’s the music news for Monday, July 24. Will Chester Bennington’s death make it easier for male victims of sexual abuse speak out? (Via Brad) STP has paid tribute to Chester. This article explains the [&hellip.. Let`s see

LA Medical Examiner Has Ruled on the Death of Chester Bennington

According to the official report released today (July 23), Chester Bennington of Linkin Park died as the result of a suicide. Here’s a screenshot from the LA Medical Examiner’s Office of the report filed by Dr. Christoper Rogers and investigator Nani Cholakians. As far as the medical examiner and coroner are concerned, the case is closed. [&hellip.. Let`s see

RZA Teams Up with Chipotle to Create Beats and Burritos. You Heard Me.

Chipotle has had a rough couple of years, what with all those stories of people getting ill after having a burrito tainted with…something. The company needed to change the narrative to turn the conversation about their ingredients positive. So who did they call? Wu-Tang Clan. No, seriously. This is from Fast Company. Chipotle hasn’t been shy [&hellip.. Let`s see

11 Million Comments and Counting on Proposed Net Neutrality Changes

Depending who you read and what you believe, the current regulations for net neutrality in the United States are killing innovation or making it possible. It also matters what you mean by “choice,” it turns out. On July 12, nearly 200 advocacy groups, internet companies, artists and organizations rallied for the Net Neutrality Day of [&hellip.. Let`s see

This $5 Billion Company Deals with Dead Celebrities

I had a conversation with someone very, very high up in the music-and-tech business. “The next big thing,” he said, “is massive exploitation of the images and past performances of dead celebrities. This tech might go on tour, but the best use of it is going to be in places Las Vegas. Imagine going to [&hellip.. Let`s see

Sales of Linkin Park Music Spike After the Death of Chester Bennington

Sales of Linkin Park material are up 5,332% week over of week following the death of Chester Bennington last Thursday. On July 20–the day we heard of Chester’s death–Linkin Park sold 21,000 albums, up from less than a thousand just a day before. Downloads also exploded, going from 2,000 to 90,000 over the same period. [&hellip.. Let`s see

If OJ Had a Playlist…

OJ Simpson has been in jail for nine years, so he’s missed the whole streaming revolution. Now that he’s due to be paroled in October, someone decided to get the Juice started with his first Spotify playlist.. Let`s see

Random Music News for Saturday, July 22, 2017

I read this article from the US and a certain smugness came over me. Is that wrong? And now, the music news for July 22. The iPhone 8 will cost how much? Justin Bieber has been banned from China for “bad behavior.” Forget about “fake artists” on Spotify. Did you know you can buy fake [&hellip.. Let`s see

This Week’s Top 11 Playlist: 21 July 2017

It’s been another rough week for music fans when it comes to losing people we admire. Hopefully this list of 11 hand-picked new tunes will offer some kind of distraction. Thanks as always to Mediazoic for the hosting. (Mediazoic is currently working on building a great new tuner with advanced features, coming soon. In the [&hellip.. Let`s see

RIP Kenny Shields of Streetheart

If you grew up in Winnipeg in the late 70s and early 80s, Streetheart were one of the city’s local heroes. Given tons of local radio support by CITI-FM, Streetheart sold a substantial number of albums through a career that extended about a decade. They even survived the departure of guitarist Paul Dean and drummer [&hellip.. Let`s see

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