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I’ll See You at The Music Expo!

I am pleased to announce that I will be at the Music Expo, on Saturday September 23, giving my brand-new lecture titled “Chickens and Eggs: The Relationship Between Music and Technology.” The trade show portion of the event, which includes my talk, is free to attend for all Music Technology group members! Get your complimentary tickets [&hellip.. Let`s see

What Was Cuba Trying to Do with Its Sonic Weapon?

There’s mounting evidence that Canadian and American diplomats were attacked by some kind of sonic weapon while were stationed in Havana, resulting in everything from hearing and memory loss to mild brain damage. WTF? Those affected say the attacks usually happened at night in their homes. Only one hotel–the Hotel Capri–is part of the story. (Two [&hellip.. Let`s see

Random Music News for Thursday, September 21, 2017

It’s still summer. Tomorrow, though…  Here’s some music news for September 21. This weekend’s Global Citizen Festival in New York will be broadcast online in VR. About Ontario’s plans to put caps on the price of concert tickets… Apple Music’s Android app has some new social media features. This new app recreates the sounds of [&hellip.. Let`s see

BreakOut West Responds to Musicians About Not Being Paid

There was a kerfluffle at BreakOut West in Edmonton regarding the non-payment of the musicians who appeared at the festival. (See “It Seems Everyone at BreakOut West in Edmonton Was Paid Except the Musicians“). Organizers have responded. This past week, the board of directors of the Western Canadian Music Alliance (WCMA), the governing body of [&hellip.. Let`s see

Radiohead has Inspired a Ballet

Radiohead’s music has been known to inspire other artists’ creations. The latest is a ballet by the Nederlands Dans Theatre in Holland entitled Proof that will start a tour through the Netherlands on Friday. Here’s a taste.. Let`s see

Geeks and Beats Podcast, Episode 145: iPhone XL

The iPhone X is (almost) here and you’ve come a long way, baby. We’ll speak to the senior editor of Motherboard Brian Merchant about his decade-long journey through the history of the world’s most ubiquitous smartphone chronicled in his fascinating book, The One Device. We’ll also learn a few dirty little secrets about the company Android users [&hellip.. Let`s see

City of Rock is a New Rock’n’Roll Movie from China

Thanks to a brutally oppressive Communist period that lasted decades, China was a little late to the rock’n’roll. But trust me, they’re catching up. Danny forwards this trailer for City of Rock which is described like this: Da Peng’s (Pancake Man aka Jiang Bing Man) highly anticipated sophoLet`s see film, CITY OF ROCK, follows Hu Liang, [&hellip.. Let`s see

More Music From The Inbox 20 Sept 2017 The National, Antipole, Zakwe and More!

Artist: The National, “Turtleneck” Album: Sleep Well Beast One of my favourites back and better than ever Sounds like:  Scratching and clawing Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Antipole, “Shadow Lover ft. Paris Alexander” Album: Northern Flux I’ve been following this band out of Norway for a while now. Sounds like:  the emotion of music Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Zakwe, “Sebentini” [&hell.. Let`s see

Random Music News for Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Repeat after me: It’s still summer. It’s still summer. It’s still summer. And now, the music news for September 20. Here’s an early review of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Maybe you don’t need the iPhone X after all. Are kids growing up slower? According to this survey, yes. Taylor Swift has been hit [&hellip.. Let`s see

I Like This: Monowhales

Yes, they used to be Ginger Ale & the Monowhales, but that name has been truncated to just Monowhales. Besides, it took up to much space on posters. Here’s their new video, the first under the new name and image. Here are some upcoming tour dates. The band will also perform at the Invictus Games [&hellip.. Let`s see

An Anti-Virus Company Calls Avril Lavigne “The Most Dangerous Celebrity Online” When It Comes to Malware

McAfee, one of the big anti-virus software companies, is worried about Canadian musicians. AScared, actually. While observing the malware bouncing around the Internet, the company has issued a new set of rankings of “celebrities generate the riskiest search results that could potentially expose their fans to malicious websites.” Maybe because Canadians are considered so cute, cuddly [.. Let`s see

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