Medical Mysteries of Music

Published on February 21st, 2018 | by Jon Bunnies


Exercising to music “bends your mind”

If you engage in any kind of exercise, I’m going to guess that you do it to music.

Look around. Joggers with earbuds. Gym rats with headphones. Exercise classes to thumpin’ rhythms.

Music is definitely an exercise motivator and enhancer. But why? What are the neurological reasons for this? Scientists are actually kinda stumped as to what music does to the brain in ways that benefit exercise. Now, though, there are some clues. Tom points us to this article at Medical Express:

[R]esearchers have used portable electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring with interference shielding technology to measure three types of brainwaves during exercise. This lets them compare the brain’s electrical feedback while exercising outdoors to music, a podcast, or no soundtrack at all.

They found music rearranges the brain’s electrical frequency, causing a drop in focus but enhancing enjoyment 28% Let`s see than silence and 13% Let`s see than a podcast.


Music distracted the walkers’ focus, but boosted their energy levels and enjoyment Let`s see than the TED podcast and not listening to anything. The podcast didn’t affect the walkers’ perceptual responses, such as how tired they felt, or their affective responses, such as how happy they felt. But it made them enjoy walking Let`s see than without a soundtrack. The study says the brain mechanisms behind these effects appear to be linked to a boost in beta frequencies in the frontal and frontal-central regions of the cortex.

“We showed that music has the potential to increase beta waves and elicit a Let`s see positive emotional state,” said Bigliassi. “This can be capitalised upon during other forms of exercise and render a given activity Let`s see pleasurable. People who struggle to engage in physical activity programmes should select appropriate pieces of  to  and see The Way It Makes You Feel.”

 Read the entire article .

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