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Geeks&Beats Podcast, Episode 100. ONE HUNDRED!

And they said we wouldn’t last. I mean, look who we’ve got for a guest this week: Sir Jonny iCar!

I did my part of the podcast from Singapore where the WiFi systems of many hotels suffer from insidious malware infections. This could explain why my outgoing mail server is rejecting everything I try to send. Oh, I can get email; answering it is another matter. Which brings us to…

  1.  Uh-oh.
  3. An update on our Sonos speaker giveaway. .
  4. Why no one had turned the theme from Friends into a death metal anthem before now mystifies me.
  5. This group of 11 and 12 year-old metallers are being held hostage by a major label.
  6. The “Happy Birthday” racket.
  7. The robotic bartender to rule them all.
  8. Read this if you like to eat lunch at Tim Hortons.
  9. Gene Simmons has for some reason. Oh, that reason.
  10. How to see in the dark. It’ll come in handy, even if it is temporary.

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