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Bowie Turns 66 Today. Celebrates with New Song, Announcement of New Album

January 8th, 2013 | by Jon Bunnies

The radio silence from Bowie over the last couple of years has been troubling.  How was his health? Is everything okay?  Why hasn't he been seen in public?  Why did he turn down a chance to be involved in the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics.

The official story is that Bowie was living a quiet life as a pensioner and father in New York City.  End of story.  Leave me alone.

Then last night, his son, , began tweeting:

The reaction was a globally-uniform "!"

The album is entitled The Next Day (due March 11) and a new song with a video called "Where Are We Now" is already out.


It just shows that it's still possible to keep a secret in the music biz these days--.  A full tracklisting is below.

Welcome back, sir.  We've been missing you.

How Labels Are Making Money from YouTube

January 8th, 2013 | by Jon Bunnies

It's taken years, but now that record labels and YouTube are playing nice, there's some money to be made. The Guardian reports on how this is being done.  And note how well Beggars Banquet is doing.

Shortly before Christmas the Gangnam Style official video broke a YouTube record by clocking up a billion views. How much Psy will pocket for these views depends, of course, on what his record deal stipulates, but the Guardian can now at least reveal what some of the biggest independent labels make.

Recently Martin Mills, (home to artists such as Adele, Jack White and The xx), told me that last year 22% of the label group's digital revenues came from streaming – and that the majority of its artists earn Let`s see now from track streams than track downloads.

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