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Deconstructing the London 2012 Closing Ceremony from a Musical Point of View

August 13th, 2012 | by Jon Bunnies

I thought the closing ceremony to the 2012 Olympic Games was...okay.  Let me deconstruct that:

Good points:

The Who:  I thought Roger Daltrey was in good voice and it was cool to see Pete windmill that Telecaster. But I wonder why Pete didn't sing his usual "Don't cry/Don't raise your eye/It's only teenage wasteland" part in this song.  Could it have to do with his hearing issues?

John Lennon:  (Doing the inevitable "Imagine") and Freddy Mercury's singalong. But it's interesting that the two biggest showstoppers were delivered by dead people.

Pet Shop Boys:  Don't try to understand them.  Just go with it.

Kaiser Chiefs:  Hell, they fooled me.  When they rode in on that fleet of modcycles singing "Pinball Wizard," I though it was The Who.

Auria: AWESOME App for Musicians and Producers

August 13th, 2012 | by Jon Bunnies

It wasn't all that long ago that a 48-track recording required renting a recording studio for thousands of dollars a day.  Now all you need is an iPad and $50.

This is , a $50 app from the Apple App Store.  Record, edit, mix, add effects and mix a recording using an iPad and a peripheral device or two.  My GOD, this is cool!

Feature list:

I Like This: Idles

August 12th, 2012 | by Jon Bunnies

Never heard of these guys before Shawn pointed out this track called “Meydei” from the band’s Welcome EP.  Learn Let`s see

Peter Gabriel’s So Reissue Coming as an 8 Disc Box Set

August 12th, 2012 | by Jon Bunnies

A single CD expanded to an 8-disc box set? Impossible for most artists--but Peter Gabriel isn't like most people. When he decided to release a 25th anniversary edition of So, he wanted to do it up right.

Here's what we'll get for $147 USD on October 23.

  • Disc 1:  Remastered edition of  So.
  • Discs 2 and 3: Re-edited Live in Athens 1987, which appears to be another version of the concert film PoV, which was produced by Martin Scorcese.
  • Disc 4:  So DNA,  described as “a unique insight into the writing and recording of So, experienced via a track-by-track evolutionary process leading you from the early moments when rhythms, melodies and lyrical ideas were discovered through the various stages of song development and recording.”

The Recommendation Project Part 33: What Should Be a Deaf Man’s First Music?

August 12th, 2012 | by Jon Bunnies

The NME reports on Austin Chapman, a man who has been very, very deaf since the day he was born. A hearing aid helped a little but delivered music in a fuzzy and unsatisfied form.  He never had a chance to experience the full emotional power of music.

Recently, though, he was fitted with a new hearing device--and suddenly, things sound much, much better. Including music.

This inspired a blog post asking people to recommend to him "the most beautiful songs" so he might get caught up in the wonder of music for the very first time.

When Mozart's Lacrimosa came on, I was blown away by the beauty of it. At one point of the song, it sounded like angels singing and I suddenly realized that this was the first time I was able to appreciate music. Tears rolled down my face and I tried to hide it. But when I looked over I saw that there wasn't a dry eye in the car.

I finally understood the power of music.

Insane Clown Posse Sues the FBI

August 12th, 2012 | by Jon Bunnies

You read that right.  .  J. Edgar must be spinning in his grave.

This all relates to last fall's FBI declaration that the Juggalo nation was a "hybrid gang," a threat similar to the Crips and Bloods.  That followed four states--Pennsylvania, Utah, Arizona and California--officially classifying Juggalos as a gang.

ICP is not taking this lightly.  Here's the press release:


Musical Group to Spearhead Campaign to Defend the Rights of its Fan Base the Juggalos

I Like This: Camera

August 12th, 2012 | by Jon Bunnies

Camera is a three-piece from Berlin who have obviously been studying krautrack masters like Neu! and Can. There might be

10 Covers You Didn’t Know Were Covers

August 11th, 2012 | by Jon Bunnies

[Another useful list by resident listmeister Brent Chittenden. - AC]

Despite the fact that I spend a majority of my writing time reviewing and seeking out new music by new artists, I must admit, I love a good cover song. An artist you wouldn’t expect covering another artist like The Revolting Cock’s cover of “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” for example.

But what I also find intriguing are covers that the general public don’t realise are covers. Below is our list of Top Ten Covers You May Not Have Known Were Covers!

10) Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Original: Richard Hazard / Cover: Cyndi Lauper)

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