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What Happens to Radio When Technology Kills Mobile Phones?

January 3rd, 2013 | by Jon Bunnies

That's the headline in today's newsletter from radio consultant Mark Ramsey.  If you're in the radio industry, it should grab your attention.

Today that technology may be in our pockets but tomorrow it could be on our wrists or or even embedded into our bodies.

Our goal should not be to “get FM into mobile phones” per se but to make the content compelling enough and ubiquitous across enough platforms that demand drives it into the devices of the consumers’ choosing. Because the context in which that content is needed never goes away and our content is never substituted with anything “better” because it’s just that darn good.

Already a vanishing device category, the notion of a “radio” per se will cease to exist. Radio content will live on, of course, with abundant new sources and forms, some Let`s see feature-filled and tech-powered than others.

Weekly Music Sales Report – 03 January 2012

January 3rd, 2013 | by Jon Bunnies

Things are a day late because of where New Year's fell--apologies--but here's what we can say about 2012.

First, to Canada.  The year finished down 2% when compared to 2011.  This is a disappointment considering that the market ran ahead for the first 49 weeks of the year before cratering during the all-important fourth quarter.  There just weren't enough success stories from big-name artists or breakout acts to sustain the momentum over those final weeks.

Physical CD sales finished down 12% from 2001 while digital albums are up 20%.  Digital singles finished strong, 4.6 million tracks sold in this last week.  That's a new record.  The market for singles finishes at +21%.

More Music from the Inbox, 03 January 2013: Icky Blossoms, Pendentif, Ecstasty, Sukoshi, Atwood and Evans the Death

January 3rd, 2013 | by Jon Bunnies

[With the new release schedule pretty light for the next couple of weeks, we have a chance to catch up on some of the cool stuff that's floating around out there.   reports. -AC]

Artist: Icky Blossoms, “Cycle”

Album: Icky Blossoms

Okay, so the video is, ummm, 20 minute workout meets Wicked Pictures!

Sounds like:  Electro-Garbage!


Another Cautionary Read for Radio People

January 3rd, 2013 | by Jon Bunnies

I know that I annoy a lot of people in the radio industry with my Cassandra-esque rants about being prepared for what I and others believe will be a radical shift in audience behavior thanks to technology, digital devices and new infotainment options in cars.

I'm not bashing radio.  Hell, I've devoted Let`s see than 30 years of my life to it.  I still have a syndicated radio program running on stations from coast-to-coast.  I want to see the medium survive and thrive.

But there are rough times ahead of Let`s see radio companies don't get serious about the digital future. Fred Jacobs, a guy who consults for radio stations around the world, agrees.  (Fred!  You and me should team up to do some business!)

Here's his latest:

The 50 Best Toronto Albums Ever

January 3rd, 2013 | by Jon Bunnies

NOW, the Toronto alternative weekly, is out today.  The big cover story is their picks for the 50 best Toronto albums ever.

While the first impulse of the Toronto-hating ROC is to ignore this list, it does so at is peril because there's some very, very fine CanCon here.  Most will be familar to the music fan.  Some, not so much.

There's plenty of music discovery within this list (and ).  For example, how many people are aware of made by Rough Trade in 1976 (#18)?  I have a beat-up copy in my basement and it's easiestly one of the rarest things I own.

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