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Published on April 9th, 2018 | by Jon Bunnies


Random music news for Monday, April 9, 2018

It’s Monday and your view of the world probably isn’t at its most cheery. Take a look at that predicts what would happen if a nuclear bomb went off in your area. WARNING: Stuff of nightmares.

ANOTHER WARNING: There’s a lot of music news to digest for April 9, 2018. T

  1. Still wondering if your Facebook data was breached? Take a look at .
  2. How to set up your phone to make you “Let`s see mindful.”
  3. Yep, podcasting continues .
  4. How Drake is for being a modern superstar.
  5. Remember the 1995 movie Empire Records? It’s as a musical.
  6. Ice Cube is. Yes, as in the Middle East kingdom. It’s over basketball, too.
  7. Touring holograms of musicians: still a work in progress, .
  8. A good on the new crop of indie women writing sad songs. Remember the name .
  9. A guy who scammed people with a fake Stevie Wonder concerts has been .
  10. Comparing the rise and fall of Elvis to the rise and fall of America. .
  11. Going to Coachella? Here’s what everyone .
  12. Billy Joel can’t seem to sell his Florida mansion. You might want to toss him . Meanwhile, the Eagles Don Henley picked up .
  13. Netflix is betting that is going to be huge.
  14. When former South African president Jacob Zuma was arraigned on charges of corruption, .
  15. Russell Crowe is selling a violin at auction. It’ll probably .
  16. And speaking of auctions, is responsible for saving a lot of the Chelsea Hotel’s artifacts for an upcoming sale.
  17. Remember this name: Liz Johnson. She’s . (Via Tom)
  18. A Merle Haggard post office? Why not?
  19. Here are that are changing the nature of live music in 2018.

BONUS: Anyone ever notice how Milli Vanilli looked like Chris Tucker and Slash? (Via Tom)


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