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Published on October 4th, 2018 | by Jon Bunnies


Random music news for Thursday, October 4, 2018

Wikileaks was born on this day in 2006. Good thing? Bad thing? I guess it all depends. And now, music news for October 4, 2018.

  1. The singer of UB40 wants nothing to do with the Brett Kavanaugh controversy. An explanation can be found .
  2. The woman who inspired Buddy Holly to write “Peggy Sue” back in 1958 has died. was 78.
  3. Let’s take a look at filed against Ticketmaster over allegations they helped scalpers buy and sell tickets.
  4. Here are that Hollywood is changing audio.
  5. They’re still over the estate of James Brown, 12 years after he died.
  6. And here are some musicians who are in music.
  7. Microsoft’s looks pretty good.
  8. If you’re a drummer, you might find this new device very useful when it comes to improving your playing skills.
  9. Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll are no excuses for being a terrible person. ?
  10. This guy’s is to archive everything in Prince’s vault. He’ll be very, very busy for a very, very long time.
  11. Facebook could be from the EU over its recent data breach. (Via Tom)
  12. The CRTC has a web censorship proposal from some big ISPs.
  13. And on the topic censorship is about Kidz Bop.
  14. Are your kids watching a lot of YouTube? You might want to .
  15. This university has . “Use ‘jazz hands’ instead!” What?
  16. This BC punk put an American telemarketer fraudster . Good.
  17. How can Spotify improve the streaming experience? Here are .
  18. There have been some in the Rihanna burglaries.
  19. This should be fun: that’s a satire of Silicon Valley.
  20. Whatever happened to the cast of the movie School of Rock? Let’s take a look.
  21. Another musician is with an airline.

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